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Are you scouting out the 2024 trends in worktop designs and want to know why you should choose granite? 
You’re in the right place here at Granite Unlimited. In this article, we will discuss the latest trends in granite countertops, like investing in natural colours and nature-inspired designs. 

Matte Finish Over Gloss 

The latest trends in granite countertops favour a matte finish over gloss. Even low-sheen is too much for 2024, but why? We think people are flocking back to original granite designs without the extra alterations. Not only is it more affordable, it gives your kitchen a natural look compared to the trendy coffee machines and AI-programmed refrigerators. 

Green Decor Surrounding Your Kitchen Worktop 

Perhaps an odd idea for our granite trends list, but green decor is a great way of bringing nature into your home while embracing the neutral tones of your kitchen worktop. Houseplants have been a massive trend for the past few years and show no sign of slowing down, so buy all the greenery while it’s still in style. 
To integrate this into our worktop designs list, we are also starting to see some green veins popping up in worktops. If you’re a fan of emerald-effect furniture and art, we highly recommend incorporating dark green tones into your worktop to make it a standout feature. 

Embrace Neutral Tones 

Neutral tones are all the rage in granite design, and you’ll understand why in the next two kitchen worktop ideas. 
Lighter colours like Bianco Sardo and Juperana will never go out of style, while others may prefer a more earthy Rosa Multicolour or Baltic Brown. Either way, we encourage you to embrace these nature-inspired hues to make your kitchen feel more homely. 

Mismatching Kitchen Worktop and Decor 

A kitchen is not complete without a little chaos, so why not hide the stress of cooking with a completely mismatched kitchen? Gone are the days where minimalism was popular and back to the meticulously-planned disorganisation of a mismatched kitchen. 
We’re talking ugly-patterned rugs, strange pieces of art, an outspoken granite worktop, both handles and knobs for the cupboards—anything that makes people wonder! 

Overly-Dramatic Veins 

Our trendy worktop designs list wouldn’t be complete with mentioning the dramatic flecks, veins, and patterns granite comes with. It’s the perfect way of merging two contrasting colours together while keeping the integrity of your kitchen worktop. 
Our Star Galaxy colour gives the effect of a calming night sky, whereas our Vizag Blue design is like the depths of the ocean or a mysterious foggy morning. At Granite Unlimited, we provide something for everyone, whether you prefer a loud multicoloured worktop or a soft toned-down one. 

Bespoke Kitchen Worktops at Granite Unlimited 

We’re sure these granite trends have given you some inspiration when planning your own kitchen renovation. However, if these aren’t quite right for you, have a read of our previous article for more kitchen worktop ideas
At Granite Unlimited, we supply only the highest quality kitchen worktops, tables, and fireplaces. Enhance your space with bespoke designs and a made-to-order process unlike any other. Contact us today to discover how we can make your dream granite worktop come true. 
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