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The kitchen trends for 2023 are already looking quite exciting. Out with the beige and in with the plants is definitely the applicable phrase for the predicted staples of interior design this year. So, why not jump on the bandwagon and embrace the natural aesthetics of 2023? 
In this month’s article, we’ll be discussing various kitchen remodel ideas that will keep you up to date with the 2023 interior trends that are replacing the previously monotonous aesthetics of 2022. 


As we previously mentioned, one of the most predominant kitchen trends of 2023 is decorating your kitchen floor to ceiling with an abundance of plant life. 
Many are beginning to move away from the expensive and materialistic decor that was seen throughout 2022. Man-made objects are becoming less favourable than natural decorative pieces. 
Whether you place a large Fiddle Leaf in a pot by your fridge or a little Jade Plant on your windowsill, any presence of plants in your kitchen will fit the kitchen trends of 2023 perfectly. 

Slab Backsplashes 

If you’re looking for kitchen remodel ideas, your kitchen is likely beginning to look quite different than when you first decorated it. If you notice that the colour on your walls is starting to look quite decrepit by comparison, especially near your cooker, you’d benefit from a kitchen splashback. 
The primary function of kitchen splashbacks is to protect your walls from grease, water, and food ingredients that they may come into contact with while cooking. 
If your walls become oversaturated with these liquids, you may notice staining, peeling, and just a generally dirty appearance. 
Kitchen splashbacks are nothing new, but the 2023 interior trends are seeing slab splashbacks become increasingly popular. Rather than opting for tiles, many are choosing to install a single slab of granite, quartz, or marble. Incidentally, these natural stones maintain the organic aesthetic that the kitchen trends of 2023 are proving to be popular. 

Dining Islands 

Traditionally, kitchen islands are used primarily as extra storage and food preparation areas. However, 2023 interior trends are showing that kitchen islands are becoming more multifunctional than they once were. 
There is a noticeable absence of a dining table in modern kitchens, which could be explained by the fact that many houses in the UK are too small to accommodate a table and island. So, many are choosing to install only a dining island and use it for preparation, storage, and eating. 
Here at Granite Unlimited, we offer bespoke stone dining islands, made with your choice of quartz, granite, neolith, corian, or dekton to perfectly suit your kitchen. Keeping in line with the kitchen trends of 2023, our natural stone worktops are beautiful as well as durable. You won’t find yourself replacing a Granite Unlimited dining island any time soon!. 

Warm Colours 

Previously, most kitchen remodel ideas consisted of very monotonous beiges, greys, and whites. However, the 2023 interior trends are showing that colourful kitchens are becoming far more preferable. 
Warm, organic, and colourful tones of yellow, green and blue are proving to be very popular. So, if you’re looking for kitchen remodel ideas, it is worth visiting your local home renovation shop to pick up some swatches. 

Multi-Temperature Taps 

Minimalism in the kitchen, unlike the Scandinavian-style colour schemes of the kitchens of 2022, has not quite made its way out yet. Extra appliances can clutter your countertops and create a generally messy space, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 
Multi-temperature taps completely negate the necessity of a kettle, which not only occupies space on your countertop but also needlessly uses plug sockets. 
Multi-temperature taps can provide boiled, hot, cold, chilled, and sparkling water with a simple turn of a dial. So, if you’re looking for kitchen remodel ideas and trying to more efficiently utilise the space in your kitchen, have a multi-temperature tap installed. 


The kitchen trends of 2023 are showing a much higher prominence of glass in the kitchen. Whether in decorative pieces, or built-in to the doors of your cabinets. 
The best kitchen remodel ideas are those that create a uniform-looking space, but with plenty of variation to keep you and your guests interested while in the kitchen. Glass cabinets can do this effortlessly by showing off the various items in your cupboards while still keeping them contained and looking neat. 
Furthermore, you could create an accent wall with a series of mirrors. Mirrors are very effective at creating visually interesting decor, increasing the level of natural light in your kitchen, and making your room look bigger. 
Irregularly-shaped mirrors are quickly becoming commonplace in the kitchen trends of 2023. So it would be worth browsing to see what you can find! 

Integrated Appliances 

Maintaining the minimalistic and clutter-free theme we previously mentioned, integrated appliances are one of the best kitchen trends of 2023. They’re incredibly effective at keeping your kitchen looking sleek and streamlined, and conceal the wires that can make your countertops look cluttered. 

Open Shelving 

Alternatively, instead of installing glass panes in your cupboard doors, you could fully display your belongings on the walls with open shelving. This is one of the great kitchen trends of 2023 that will help to occupy some blank space on your walls and create a more visually appealing space. 


One of the primary kitchen trends of 2023 that we have noticed is the higher placement of importance on self-expression. Your kitchen, despite trends, can and should look however you want it to. The trends we’ve mentioned above are simply guidelines, and we believe you should decorate your kitchen in a way that represents you. 
Remodelling your kitchen should be fun. So, have fun! 
We hope you found this article helpful and have obtained some inspiration for your kitchen remodelling. As a leading supplier of natural and engineered stone worktops, we have ample experience transforming kitchens into beautiful spaces that you can be proud of. 
If you want to make a new stone worktop or table part of your kitchen remodelling checklist, contact us now to organise a consultation! 
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