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Dekton Worktops Colchester, Essex 

Granite Unlimited manufacture and install high quality dekton worktops in Colchester. The revolutionary product dekton imagines a new concept in the world of design and architecture. Made by sophisticated raw materials used in the glass, porcelanico and quartz surfaces production, dekton is a material with unique characteristics and infinite application possibilities, such as countertops, flooring, cladding, facades for both inside and outdoors. Get in touch today for your high-quality dekton worktops in Colchester. 

Dekton Worktop Installation Colchester 

At Granite Unlimited, we’re experts in Dekton worktop installation in Colchester, Essex. Known for its durability, Dekton is heat, stain and scratch resistant and doesn’t need sealing. It’s a tough yet low-maintenance option for kitchen surfaces with a vast array of colours and finishes to choose from. 
Opt for Dekton worktop installation in Colchester, Essex to enjoy the benefits of this sophisticated material every day. 
Does Dekton chip easily? 
Dekton doesn't chip easily. It is renowned for its numerous beneficial properties and is perfect as a long-term staple piece in the kitchen. For example, in addition to its chip resistance, it is also stainproof, invulnerable to heat, and UV-proof. It is also exceedingly unlikely to etch or scratch even with frequent use. Read more about the bespoke dekton worktops available at Granite Unlimited here! 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dekton 

Advantages of Dekton 

Dekton worktops are suitable for use for outdoor kitchens 
Dekton is scratch resistant and stain resistant 
Dekton is also heat resistant 
There is a wide variety of colours and finishes available 

Disadvantages of Dekton 

Edge styles are limited as pattern and texture can be removed when cutting complex style edges 
Patterns are printed onto the the top of the countertops, so in the rare case of damage/chipping, it would be noticeable 


How do you clean Dekton worktops? 
Your Dekton worktop will offer fantastic resistance to most things, so your cleaning schedule needn’t be complicated. 
The vast majority of the time, a non abrasive sponge and warm, soapy water will be enough to clean your countertop. If you would feel more comfortable using a pH balanced general cleaning solution, this can also be used. 
In either case, cleaning your Dekton worktop is both simple and enjoyable. 
Can Dekton be used for outdoor kitchens? 
The main property which any outdoor countertop should have is UV resistance. In addition, resistance to scratching, staining and water absorption are considered beneficial. 
A Dekton countertop offers all of this, making it a highly durable countertop. Resultantly, they are highly suitable for use in an outdoor kitchen. As with any countertop however, it is advisable to cover it in the winter to retain product longevity. 
Are there a variety of finishes available for Dekton worktops? 
The good news is for buyers, there are a range of finishes available for this type of countertop. The current finishes available include polished, a smooth matte, a textured matte and velvet. 
Whatever your personal preference or aesthetic requirements, we can assure you that a Dekton worktop will offer superior levels of durability and versatility. This product is a fantastic investment which will pay dividends for years to come. 
Outdoor Kitchen Covering 
For many, cooking is a pleasurable experience and doing it outdoors usually results in a small social event, such as everyday celebrations that we can enjoy in company around a grill. DEKTON, due to its ultra-compact structure, is particularly suitable for installations for outdoor kitchens and barbecues. Dekton worktops provide strength and style to these spaces: it gives them an undeniable personality and unlimited practicality. Stains, bumps, utensils and high temperatures - dekton countertops will resist demanding use over time while maintaining its unchanging beauty. 
Bathroom Worktops 
The bathroom is the space in the home where hygiene and harmony need to express themselves in the best possible way. It's a space for personal hygiene and care; for pleasant and relaxing moments, where sensations are literally at our finger-tips. Dekton countertop textures and colours are an endless source of inspiration for the design of water-related areas. Contact us today if you like to enquire for a quote on our dekton worktops in Colchester. 
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