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Homeowners up and down the country are forever searching for new and creative ways to make kitchen and home improvements. As the kitchen is the heart of a home, it’s often the space people spend the most time in, from family mealtimes to a casual coffee in the mornings. Understandably, it’s also the area people want to look its best. 
While an entire kitchen refurb is the dream, it’s also not a luxury many can afford, or want to do, often. Fortunately, there are other ways you can improve your kitchen and home without breaking the bank or living in the midst of a construction site. 
Keep reading as we reveal our top kitchen and home improvements for houses of any size and budget. 

Refresh Your Cabinets With a Lick of Paint 

As far as kitchen improvement tips go, this is one of the biggest ways to make an impact without spending too much. You can modernise your kitchen and bring it up-to-date with the latest trends simply by painting your kitchen cabinets. 
Depending on your preferred paint, you may need to sand and prep the surface, while others allow you to apply them directly to the cupboard. Due to the rise in popularity of this home hack, there’s now a vast array of cupboard paints to choose from, making it easy for you to restyle your kitchen in your colour scheme of choice. 
This is one of the easiest kitchen and home improvements you can make yourself with a few inexpensive pieces of kit from the DIY store. Read more about our popular high-end kitchen designs to fuel your inspiration. 

Replace Hardware and Handles 

When thinking about how to upgrade a kitchen, the hardware and handles on your cupboards is another easy change you can make. You’ll be amazed at the difference an alternative shape and colour make. 
Sleek copper cup handles add a modern touch, especially if you match them to your taps, while dark oversized drawer handles bring an industrial feel. When it comes to kitchen and home improvements, a flair of imagination and small tweaks often go just as far as a big budget. 

Upgrade Your Worktops 

Changing your worktops is a quick and relatively painless way to alter the entire look and feel of your kitchen. These days, there’s a material for every budget, ranging from affordable laminate all the way to luxurious granite countertops
If you’re skilled in DIY and have all the tools you need, this is a job you could do yourself in a weekend. If, however, you’re new to DIY or are opting for materials such as quartz and granite, it’s worth seeking help from a professional. It takes a significant level of skill to cut and fit these types of worktops. 
However you choose to do the job, it’s a guaranteed way to revamp your kitchen and is one of our top kitchen improvement tips. 

Try Vinyl 

Vinyl has come a long way from the cheap, peeling tiles of the 70s. These days, it’s one of the most commonly sought-after kitchen and home improvements due to its durability and eco-friendliness. 
It’s made from recycled materials and comes in a variety of styles, colours and patterns. You can even find realistic wood or brick-effect finishes, ensuring there’s a design to suit every home decor. 
Vinyl is waterproof, non-slip and easy to fit around existing units, making it an ideal choice for kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms. 

Invest in a Granite Table 

When looking for distinctive kitchen and home improvements to make, refreshing your furniture is a way to express your individual style and personality. And, due to granite’s entirely one-off natural finish, it doesn’t get more unique than a granite table. 
Granite tables are a guaranteed way to make a statement in your home. Not only do they create an impressive feature, but they’re incredibly practical due to their durability and robustness. Granite is naturally heat and scratch-resistant, making it ideal for table tops in any room of the house. 
At Granite Unlimited, our expert stonemason is highly skilled and experienced in crafting bespoke pieces for your home. Take advantage of our kitchen improvement tips to create the perfect space for you and your family to gather for meal times, dinner parties and impromptu coffee dates with friends. 

Make a Statement With a Marble Fireplace 

This is one of our more costly kitchen and home improvements, but one that will stay with you for life. Upgrading your existing hearth to a marble fireplace is an investment that creates a focal point with the wow factor. 
Given the rising cost of heating our homes, marble fireplaces are a savvy choice right now, as this natural stone retains heat. It means the hearth will continue to radiate warmth long after the flames go out. 
Our talented stonemasons have crafted bespoke fireplaces in homes across the country. From modern minimalist to traditional and ornate pieces, there’s a style for every home and every room. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your kitchen, this is one of the best kitchen improvement tips to create a functional room and add value to your home. 
Discover more about why marble fireplaces are making a comeback and how to care for them for your home. 

Kitchen and Home Improvements at Granite Unlimited 

Making kitchen and home improvements is an exciting time. It’s a chance to make your house a home and express your own personality. At Granite Unlimited, we believe in making quality pieces that are functional, stylish and designed to last a lifetime. 
Whether you want some kitchen improvement tips on the best worktops for your space or wish to delve into statement pieces for other rooms, our expert stonemasons are here to offer guidance and advice. 
Get in touch with the team at Granite Unlimited today to find out more about how to upgrade a kitchen and the services we offer. 
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