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Popular High End Kitchen Design Trends 

Ultimately, we all want to either have a high end kitchen design scheme or emulate one. In 2022, there are a number of trends coming out of luxury kitchens that are growing in popularity. Although some of these trends will require a substantial budget, there are also a few which can be followed on a tighter budget. Whether you are looking to completely transform your kitchen or make small adjustments, these trends will help you make a statement. Today we at Granite Unlimited are going to explore a number of premium kitchen design trends to give you some ideas for your next kitchen remodelling project. 

High End Kitchen Design Trends: Our Picks  High end kitchen design is often beautiful. In recent years, there have been distinct trends that have come from the luxury kitchen sector. These  trends are easy to follow, and some of them are even able to accommodate smaller budgets. In any home, the kitchen is an important space. Not only will a beautiful kitchen add value to a property, but it is the centre point of any home. Families gather in the kitchen (sometimes socialising) and they may even entertain guests, friends and loved ones. A kitchen you are comfortable in and proud of is therefore important. We hope by exploring our premium kitchen design trends, you are given some ideas that will help you achieve your dream kitchen. 

Natural Stone 

Natural stone’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. In particular, luxury kitchen designers have sought to incorporate granite into modern kitchens. Not only are these materials very strong (making them well suited to an area with a lot of traffic and contaminants), but they are visually stunning. A granite worktop in a kitchen can evoke a sense of luxury and elegance like no other. 
Moreover, we are seeing more people use granite in other areas of the kitchen. Granite tables, for example, are becoming popular, as are granite splashbacks. Natural stone not only has a lot of practical value, but it can completely transform a kitchen: taking a kitchen from pleasant to striking. 

Herringbone Floors 

The inclusion of herringbone flooring has seen a sharp increase in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. Herringbone flooring works particularly well in the kitchen. Although it is usually not cheap, it is worth doing if you are serious about creating a statement kitchen that sits at the forefront of latest design trends. Minimalist kitchens have been said to feel slightly clinical at times. What better way to offset this than with a warm, textural herringbone. 

The Kitchen Office 

Now more than ever people are opting to work from home more. To accommodate this shift, a lot of premium kitchen design schemes are including an office. When integrated smoothly into the kitchen, a kitchen office can look fantastic and add a lot of character. It is important that the office sits harmoniously with the rest of the kitchen and does not appear like an after thought however. Designers have tackled this in a number of ways, namely by concealing offices in neat allocated spaces. 

Smart Appliances 

Smart appliances are making their way into modern kitchens more and more. With such a broad range of smart appliances available today, it is no wonder. A big high end kitchen design trend which looks set to keep growing in 2022 is the inclusion of smart appliances. From smart taps capable of delivering instant hot water to touch screen fridges, kitchen appliance manufacturers are covering all bases. 

The Glass Door Pantry 

We are seeing a resurgence of pantry rooms in modern kitchens, and we think they are fantastic. Not only are people opting to include these storage rooms in their kitchens, but they are building them with glass doors. A pantry not only offers fantastic storage but it nods to the past whilst looking to the future. 

The Minimalist Look 

Designers in all areas of the industry are favouring minimalism in this day and age. For kitchen designers responsible for high end kitchen design proposals, this is particularly true. Gone are the days of cluttered and clunky kitchens. Kitchens of 2022 and beyond are opting for a seamless, minimalist look that advocates clever and concealed storage. 

Sustainable Materials 

We are living in a time where sustainability is important. People now want to know where their purchases come from and how they are made. As our impact on the planet worsens the public’s appetite for sustainability increases. Thus, in 2022 and beyond we are likely to see more and more sustainable kitchens. From responsibly sourcing materials that are recycled to only using A rated appliances, there are a number of things that can be done in the kitchen to promote sustainability. 

Premium Kitchen Design by Granite Unlimited 

We hope anyone looking to transform or adapt their kitchen now has some ideas that they can use. A new kitchen is no small feat, but having one completed is certainly worthwhile. It will improve your property’s value both to yourself and to prospective buyers, should you wish to sell it at any point. Our natural and engineered stone products are often favoured by those looking to create a luxurious kitchen. For more information on how we can help you, contact us today. 
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