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No matter where you are in the world, there’s nothing better than cosying up to a warm fire. Whether you’re camping with friends and playing guitar, or simply drinking wine with your partner, the homely feeling of a fireplace brings everyone together and keeps you at ease. 
The material surrounding your fireplace can really set the tone for your home, whether a fire’s brewing or not. Let’s delve into the architecture of fireplaces to discover the best material for your home. 
Porcelain tiles are the new big thing in the world of home design. This trendy material can be adapted for your worktops, bathroom walls, and even your kitchen floor. It’s not just versatile in your home, but in the many patterns and colours it comes in too. With a luxury, modern appearance, porcelain offers many design opportunities for those wanting to elevate their home. 
As surface specialists, we can now supply large format porcelain tiles up to 3200x1600, so your room can match from floor to ceiling. We are partnering Atlas Plan, the largest porcelain manufacturer in the world, to bring you this sustainable, non-porous feature that resists toxic substances and high temperatures. 
What’s the best thing about it? It offers very few joints, so you won’t see anything but the perfect image of the original stone it was lifted from, and at a fraction of the price. Affordable, diverse, strong… What more could you ask for? 
Tile is another common option from decades ago. While you may have seen those ‘ugly’ flowers printed on now-cracked tiles in older homes, the material has grown to be a long-lasting and affordable way of making your fireplace look modern. 
This is a great option for everyone wanting a modern fireplace because of its colour and pattern variety. If there’s a design you want, it’s on the market somewhere. Depending on the type of tile you choose, it’s also the safest option. 
Plaster fireplaces are very popular in the U.S. for their built-in fireplace appearance. Made from sand, cement and water, there’s so many textures you can choose from as each mix is made from scratch. Whether you want it rougher or smoother, that’s completely your choice and a cheap one too. Many people DIY it too, but we recommend asking a professional with proper experience and training. 
Sheet metal is best for log fireplaces if not out in the open. It keeps the heat constricted to the fireplace while maintaining a safe environment. It may even give a Victorian feel with its charcoal colour and melted patterns. While they used cast-iron, steel is making its way into many minimalist’s hearts today. 
Marble was a trend a few years back, but still remains a favourite today. It’s one of the more expensive options, but an easy way to combine the different colours from your home altogether. This material is particularly popular for modern fireplaces in minimalist homes, and especially for those wanting to show off their built-in fireplace. 
There are many different materials out there for your fireplace, but we hope we’ve found the most homely one for you. Which do you like the most? 
Now that you’ve chosen the perfect material, here’s some things you should know before installing it. Or if you’re unsure what material to go with, check out our showroom for inspiration. 
Contact us today to make your dream fireplace become a reality, or enquire about our installation services. 
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