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In our experience, it is never a bad time to implement fireplace makeover ideas. With fireplaces serving such an important role in the home, they can quickly become tired looking through excessive use. 
Therefore, it is a great idea to revisit it every few years and see how you can revitalise it. Although DIY projects can be carried out in the winter, it is more difficult than in the summer. This is because we, naturally, rely on our fireplaces heavily in the winter. 
Typically, your fireplace in the summer is out of use. There are exceptions, as you may decide to light it on a particularly cold summer night. However, summer, for the most part, is the best time to explore fireplace makeover ideas. 
Today we at Granite Unlimited are going to explore some of our favourite makeover ideas for your fireplace. We hope to provide the inspiration behind your next DIY project, or to give you some guidance on where to start. Continue below for more information. 
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Our List of Summer Fireplace Ideas 

Elsewhere in our blog, we have spoken at length about the process of selecting a new fireplace for your home. A prime example is our recent article on the best marble fireplaces
As a leading supplier of bespoke fireplaces and natural stone countertops, we feel a responsibility to educate people on the benefits of an authentic fireplace. Not only can you enjoy practical rewards, but they have the potential to increase aesthetic and property value exponentially. Pretty great, wouldn’t you agree? 
However, as previously mentioned, fireplaces have the potential to tire quickly. This is especially true if you use your fireplace frequently and do not follow a strict cleaning/ maintenance schedule. 
If this sounds familiar, you may benefit from the below list of summer fireplace ideas. In many homes, the fireplace is the focal point of the living area. Thus, it holds the potential to create a lasting impression. The last thing you want is to create a negative one, so fireplace makeover ideas come in handy every few years. Some of our favourites include: 
Start a Summer DIY Project 
Whether you are looking at small makeover ideas or you wish to completely revitalise your fireplace, the summer is a great time to do it. The weather is good, so you can work outside if you wish, and the fireplace is less in use. This makes restoration tasks or painting far easier. 
If your fireplace is looking old, there are a wealth of DIY options to explore. Perhaps you could look at stick-on tiles for the exterior of the chimney, or you could look at painting the mantelpiece. This is only a start, and there are a huge amount of resources online that can guide you. 
If you are looking to paint any areas which are exposed to fire, we would encourage you to choose paint carefully. You need to select a flame resistant paint, as regular paint will not work. 
Rejuvenate The Mantelpiece 
No list of summer fireplace ideas would be complete without mentioning the mantelpiece. If you have one surrounding the fireplace, the summer is the perfect opportunity to decorate it. 
Decoration can come in a number of different forms, from summer scented candles to picture frames containing photos of loved ones. Whatever you decide on, decorating the mantelpiece can create a statement that extends throughout the entire home. 
Use It! 
This one doesn’t count as a makeover idea, per say, but we thought it was still worth mentioning. 
If you reside in England, you will be familiar with how unpredictable the summer can be. Resultantly, you may find yourself wishing to use the fireplace during the summer. 
Perhaps on a particularly cold night you can get the fire started, put a film on and relax with a glass of wine. 

Bespoke Fireplaces at Granite Unlimited 

This article mainly pertains to those who are looking to revitalise the already installed fireplace. There are a wealth of ideas out there for inspiration. Getting creative with your fireplace is highly recommended, and the summer really is the best time to do so. 
However, if you don’t already have a fireplace we have more advice. We offer bespoke marble fireplaces for those who are looking to reap the benefits of owning a functioning fireplace. 
As a market leader, we have a huge range of options to choose from. We find that it always works best, however, if we can speak to you to understand your specific needs and requirements.Side 
If you wish to extend beyond summer fireplace decor, and have a bespoke fireplace of your own, please contact one of the team today. We are more than happy to outline pricing and guide you through our entire process, from selection to installation. 
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