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The options for heat-resistant materials in your kitchen are plentiful, so how do you choose? Whether you’re looking for a specific style or want to balance your budget, there’s a long list of materials that can withstand high temperatures. 
We’ll divulge the details on our top 5 and why they’re the perfect choice for your kitchen makeover. 

What are Heat-Resistant Materials? 

If something is heat resistant, it can withstand high temperatures without sustaining damage. Some materials can withstand higher temperatures than others, as we’ll look at in more detail below. 
Here are our top 5 heat-resistant materials for your kitchen. 


Granite is notoriously one of the finest heat-resistant materials to use in a kitchen. For years, it’s been the worktop material of choice in some of the wealthiest homes across the country. 
As an igneous rock, granite is formed from the heat of volcanoes, so anything you do in the kitchen isn’t likely to damage it. You could place a saucepan straight from the hob onto your granite worktop without causing any issues. Best not to try this though, as granite can get very hot and you increase your risk of burns. It can also damage any sealants applied to the surface. 
Granite is easy to style due to the vast array of beautiful colours and styles you can find it in. 


Thanks to its unbelievable strength, beauty and versatility, quartz frequently tops the list of materials that can withstand high temperatures. We should note that quartz is heat resistant rather than heatproof, so you can still damage quartz worktops if you expose them to extreme heat. 
Quartz looks and feels similar to granite but the engineered finish leads to more consistent patterns and finishes. Along with being one of the most popular heat-resistant materials, quartz is also: 
-Non-porous, making it more resistant to spills 
-Scratch-resistant, as only 3 other substances are capable of scratching it - diamond, sapphire and topaz 
-Ranks 7 on the Mohs hardness scale (a hardness scale ranking from 1-10 using reference minerals for indication) 
-Easy to maintain, as it doesn’t need sealing 


Corian is an acrylic material developed in the 1960s. It’s seen a surge in popularity as it boasts several properties that make it ideal for use in the kitchen. Like quartz, it’s heat-resistant rather than heatproof, but many people choose Corian due to the seamless joints producing a flawless finish. Other benefits include: 
-Durability - Corian is extremely hard wearing 
-The synthetic finish means it’s available in a range of colours and styles 
-It’s less expensive than granite 
-Stain and sunlight resistant, meaning it looks better for longer 
At Granite Unlimited we’re proud to add Corian to our list of materials that can withstand high temperatures used in our kitchen worktops


Neolith is a modern invention taking the worktop world by storm. It combines elements of granite, silica and glass with natural oxides, all manufactured under intense pressure and temperatures to create an extremely durable material. 
Neolith is one of the hardest heat-resistant materials. Boasting scratch-resistant properties, it easily withstands daily kitchen use. As it’s non-porous, you don’t need to fret over spilling a cup of coffee or splashing curry on your Neolith worktop
As a compact and lightweight material, opting for Neolith can save time and money in any kitchen renovation. You can simply add a layer onto existing surfaces to alter the look and functionality of your existing kitchen. 


Dekton is relatively new to the market, only being introduced in 2013. Due to its incredible strength, high performance and compact nature, it’s fast becoming one of the most popular heat-resistant materials for kitchens. 
It can handle extremely high temperatures and is abrasion-resistant, meaning you can place pans straight onto your Dekton worktop with no worries of the base scratching the surface. For anyone looking to create an outdoor kitchen or pizza station, Dekton is UV-resistant, making it a worthy contender for the task. 

Heat-Resistant Materials at Granite Unlimited 

At Granite Unlimited, we pride ourselves on crafting and installing premium kitchen worktops in an array of heat-resistant materials. Our friendly and experienced team is on hand to talk through your ideas and how we can bring them to life. 
Contact us today to discover more and book your free no obligation quote. 
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