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Kitchen islands and kitchen tables are two very similar staples of the kitchen that may be almost visually identical, but in terms of purpose and function, they are surprisingly different. Increasingly in modern kitchens, we are seeing the prevalence of kitchen islands as opposed to tables, and some have phased out the traditional table altogether. But why is this? In today’s article, we will discuss the various advantages of kitchen islands and compare them to standard kitchen tables to shed some light on which of the two may be the preferable option for your kitchen, depending on your lifestyle, the number of people in your household, and the activities you use your kitchen surfaces for. 


Compared to kitchen tables, kitchen islands are suitable for more purposes than simply eating a meal. Kitchen islands tend to include built-in appliances such as taps and hobs that allow them to be more than a surface merely used for the preparation of food. They’re also excellent spaces for cleaning, working, and socialising. The multifunctionality of an island instantly makes them preferable for those who aim to transform their kitchen into more than just a room for food preparation.. 


Unlike kitchen tables, islands are suitable as additional storage units that can help you to de-clutter your kitchen without installing shelving or raising the necessity for other forms of storage. Whether you need some extra room for food items, tableware, or plug-in appliances, a kitchen island can provide several spacious compartments while keeping them hidden behind the walls of an island and make your kitchen seem far less littered. Any creative space is bound to become messy sometimes, but the additional storage provided by an island can keep your belongings out of your food preparation area and allow you to far more efficiently organise your kitchen. 
Alternatively, kitchen tables aren’t suitable as an additional storage space, as shelving or boxes under the surface will severely limit the amount of legroom and make sitting at the table uncomfortable. If you require extra storage, a regular kitchen table may not be the best option for you, and a kitchen island would better meet your needs. 


When it comes to seating efficiency, traditional kitchen tables are often the better option since chairs can be placed around their entire perimeter, rather than one on one side as they would be on a kitchen island. Seating capacity becomes even more of an issue for a kitchen island if it is multifunctional and has a hob and tap on one side. Additionally, the seats for standard tables are generally more comfortable than the average bar stool. However, if you have guests in your kitchen and intend to socialise while cooking, sitting at the kitchen table can feel quite formal. 
In terms of the efficiency of seating, kitchen tables are the preferred choice, as they tend to have more seating capacity than the typical kitchen island, particularly if the island is multifunctional. Additionally, seats for standard tables are generally more comfortable than the average bar stool. However, having guests visit your house and sitting at the table while you’re cooking a meal may feel quite formal, especially in comparison to a kitchen island. 
Kitchen islands encourage social interaction and provide more seating if you invite a group to your home, and simply generally feel more casual. But if you don’t tend to throw many gatherings or have people in your kitchen to socialise often, a kitchen table may be the best option for you. 

Cooking frequency 

If you love preparing food in the kitchen, you may have considered the benefits of having extra space to work with. Kitchen islands are ideal for food preparation, especially since their surfaces tend to be made of durable and stain-resistant materials such as granite, quartz, and marble that don’t sustain damage when exposed to heat, spills, and sharp tools. A wooden or plastic table on the other hand is far more likely to warp, stain, and chip when used to prepare food. 
Additionally, many kitchen islands have built-in sinks and cookers that can further maximise the space you have at your disposal that standard kitchen tables can’t match. 

Aesthetic appeal 

Whatever style it is you’re looking for, there are sure to be kitchen tables and kitchen islands that will match it perfectly. So, neither type of surface particularly hinders your ability to achieve the look you want. However, the open space below standard kitchen tables can make your kitchen generally seem more spacious and less cluttered, and some would argue that the general ‘boxiness’ of kitchen islands tends to make their floor space feel far smaller. But kitchen islands help to achieve the open-plan look that is becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens. Their height and placement can add some variation to what can feel like a space should a table be in its place. 

How can Granite Unlimited help? 

THere at Granite Unlimited, we offer made-to-measure worktops for kitchen islands made of high-quality granite, quartz, corian, neolith and dekton. So, if you’ve decided that a kitchen island would be best for your kitchen, contact us now and let us help you achieve your vision! You can either fill out our contact form to make an enquiry or visit our showroom to speak with one of our representatives in person! We have over 20 years of experience producing stone worktops and are happy to take on any challenge you may have! Choose Granite Unlimited for your kitchen island today! 
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