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If you’re looking for kitchen lighting ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, the place for meal preparation, and where the family gathers to cook a delicious meal. To maintain safety and give your kitchen an aesthetically pleasing appearance, your kitchen lighting design requires thorough planning and intent to ensure your kitchen is fully illuminated and inviting. 
In this month’s article written by Granite Unlimited, we will discuss kitchen lighting design as well as some kitchen lighting ideas that will ensure the heart of your home is an inviting and comfortable place to be. 

Why is kitchen lighting design important? 

Strategically thinking through your kitchen lighting design is vital to create a safe environment. If some corners of your kitchen, such as the cooker, aren’t receiving enough light, natural or artificial, you run the risk of accidentally burning yourself because you’re unable to see clearly. Evaluating the placement of your appliances can help you determine where you need to install your artificial lighting. 
Considering kitchen lighting design can also encourage you to identify the spots your lighting would be best placed to take advantage of the reflectivity of the items in your kitchen. For example, your kitchen worktops, appliances, and any mirrors or decorative pieces you may have in your kitchen. Taking these things into account, your kitchen lighting design will be far more effective when achieving the look you want for your kitchen. 

What are my options? 

When it comes to kitchen lighting ideas, you have a plethora of options to choose from! Whether you’d like to place more emphasis on natural lighting or opt for a series of artificial lights around your kitchen, there are many types of lights to choose from that can brighten your kitchen in different ways and create different atmospheres that will make your kitchen a truly welcoming and inspiring room. it. 
Natural lighting 
If you’d like to investigate more into natural kitchen lighting ideas, you should consider installing glass doors or a rooflight to help draw in the natural light directly. Rooflights allow natural light to directly ingress into your kitchen and inherently brighten it by a more substantial amount than vertical windows would. Similarly, glass doors, regardless of their placement, are great methods to help draw in natural light to your kitchen. 
Furthermore, the consideration of reflective items in your kitchen can also help you achieve a more effective kitchen lighting design by using their reflectivity to your advantage. Reflections from mirrors, ornaments, and appliances can help light travel further at really interesting angles which can illuminate your kitchen further and create a more dynamic look. 
Placing glass and various mirrors around your kitchen are two of the most obvious kitchen lighting ideas, but you may not have deliberated how the other, more permanent features of your kitchen could help. For example, your kitchen worktops will be invaluable for creating more light in your kitchen by reflecting the light that reaches it directly. Here at Granite unlimited, we supply a beautiful selection of quartz, Corian, neolith, dekton, and granite kitchen worktops that can be incredibly beneficial for the light levels in your kitchen. 
Dekton worktops, for example, are given nano-technological treatment and mechanically polished to provide a crystal-like shine that is incredibly reflective. Furthermore, granite kitchen worktops shine brilliantly when sufficiently polished and cleaned. The rule with granite kitchen worktops is that the darker the stone is, the more reflective it will be! 
Artificial lighting 
If you decide to look into artificial kitchen lighting ideas, you’ll never be stuck for inspiration. There are so many different types of lights available in an endless number of styles to choose from that there will always be something to suit the design of your kitchen. Whether you place several recessed lights across the ceiling or decide on an elaborate pendant design above your worktops, any kind of light will help to illuminate your kitchen. 
Alternatively, you could get extra creative with your kitchen lighting design and hang up a few neon wall features to add not only light but colour to your kitchen. The best meals are made in inspiring environments, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t experiment! 

Tips & Tricks 

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of kitchen lighting design and covered artificial and natural lighting, we will offer a few tips and tricks to help you choose between the different kitchen lighting ideas that you can implement in your home! 
Add variety but remain coherent 
By this, we mean implementing several types of kitchen lighting ideas at once, such as differently placed light sources and various styles, while sticking to a main theme. Whether it’s a colour, length, or aesthetic, it is possible to use different types of lighting in one room while keeping the overall aesthetic of your space consistent. 
Use feature lights 
If you have chosen a neutral colour scheme for your kitchen, installing a feature light that entirely contrasts the overall theme is a great way to add a welcomed punch to your theme that will make your lighting stand out. 
Place lights above your worktops 
As we mentioned above, taking advantage of the reflective nature of your worktops is a great way to introduce more light into your kitchen. Thus, installing your lights directly above your kitchen worktops will highlight your meal creation station and effectively illuminate the area. 
Dedicate lighting features to small corners 
If you have any nooks and crannies in your kitchen, likely, relying on ceiling lights or natural lighting won’t light them up how you want. This is why we recommend installing dedicated lighting in these spaces! 

How can Granite Unlimited help? 

Although we can’t help with installing kitchen lights, we do manufacture, supply, and install various kitchen worktops to take your kitchen to the next level. We source only the best quality raw materials and use the latest technology to ensure all our worktops are beautifully reflective, visually appealing, and extensively durable. 
If you’d like to see our worktops, visit our showroom to meet the team, and let us help you choose the best kitchen worktop for you! If you have any enquiries about our products or services, contact us now! 
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