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How much are granite worktops? Compared to other natural stone, granite worktop prices can soar into the thousands. However, this depends on the supplier and the quality of the material. In fact, it’s difficult to determine an exact price of granite worktops because many factors are considered, such as size, amount, extra features, delivery and installation. 
Before we get into our breakdown of granite worktop costs, it’s important to note that some suppliers will sell large slabs of granite at a set price. These may also come without additional features, whereas others will create a shape bespoke to your specific needs. 

How Much Are Granite Worktops on Average? 

On average, a single granite worktop costs £435 per m². For example, 5m in length with a depth of 600mm may cost £850 directly from a supplier. 
We encourage you to only take these granite worktop prices as an estimate, not as an exact figure. 
At Granite Unlimited, we work with trusted suppliers to provide the highest quality stone products at affordable prices. If granite is your stone product of choice, we recommend you invest. Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and will help and advise you on the best stone product for your project. 

How Much Are Granite Worktops with Additional Features? 

Curved Corners: £15 each 
Drainer grooves: £150 for a set of five (or £30 each) 
Polished cut-outs: £185 each 
Rounded edges: £14 per m² (square edges are standard and won’t come at an extra cost) 
Unpolished cut-outs: £180 each 
It’s important to note that not all manufacturers will offer these features and they will be priced differently depending on the company. 

How Many Granite Worktops Do I Need? 

The standard kitchen will have three worktops, but this ultimately depends on the size of your space. For example, you may only need one or two—granite worktops do not need to be bought in sets. 

What Is the Standard Size of a Granite Worktop? 

The standard length of a granite worktop is between 1.5m and 5m. This is followed with a depth between 600mm and 900mm. However, the absolute average is around 3m and 600mm. 

Affordable Granite Worktops at Granite Unlimited 

Ultimately, a granite worktop costs as much as you are willing to spend. We always recommend sampling the granite before making a decision and choosing a manufacturer with an excellent reputation. 
At Granite Unlimited, we can make you a bespoke granite worktop completely tailored to your specific needs. To learn more about our design process and costs, contact us today. 
If granite isn’t for you, we also supply a range of other materials, such as corian, dekton, neolith, quartz and porcelain. 
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