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Granite suppliers are in high demand around the UK, and that’s no surprise, considering the many and varied ways we can incorporate this beautiful material into our homes and businesses. Being such a versatile product means it can be found in the construction, hospitality and retail sectors, as well as being one of the most popular choices for connoisseurs of high end kitchen design and other areas of the home. 
Granite suppliers in the UK produce worktops and splashbacks for some of the most beautiful kitchens you’ll see. Bathrooms are brought to life by this stunning stone, and fireplaces really become the focal point of any room, when the best quality granite has been sourced. But, with so many to choose from you might be thinking, ‘how do I find the best granite suppliers near me?’ 
What should you be looking for before you commit to a granite supplier, and how do you make sure you’re getting the best quality materials at a reasonable price? Here’s a simple guide to help you in your search for granite worktop suppliers. Have a quick read through, and then you can start planning the kitchen, bathroom or fireplace of your dreams. 

Look for an Established Company 

Chances are, if you choose to go with granite suppliers that have been around for a few years, you’ll be able to take advantage of their hard-earned knowledge and experience. They are more likely to have a dedicated team supporting them, as well as the best contacts in the industry, so you’ll be getting high-quality granite worktops, fitted by experts. The team at Granite Unlimited are determined to provide you with excellent quality granite at a reasonable price. Furthermore, we only employ the most experienced worktop fitters to ensure that your project is completed to perfection. 


Any reputable granite supplier will be more than happy to display their customer testimonials on their website. It’s the best place to see what real customers think of the quality of the granite, the fitting process and customer service that follows. They will also be happy for you to speak directly to some of their previous customers, and this should give you peace of mind when you’re wondering, “Who are the best granite suppliers near me?” 

Experienced Staff 

Granite is by no means a cheap material, and as such it needs to be handled and worked by experienced stonemasons. Due to the expensive nature of granite, it’s vital that sizing and fitting is carried out by qualified professionals. 
Knowing you’re in the hands of the experts allows you to enjoy the process of seeing your new granite surface come to life. Check your granite supplier’s website for details of their team and their credentials. 

Choice of Materials 

When you’re planning your new granite surfaces you’ll want to spend a fair amount of time looking at your options. This fabulous material is available in many colours, with unique markings, due to it being a naturally occurring stone. The best granite suppliers will be able to source a range of different options for you, depending on your particular taste and requirements. 
The best suppliers will help you choose the most appropriate material for your project, taking into account how you live and how much usage the surface is likely to get. This also allows them to accommodate your budget and make sure you get the look you want, at a price that suits your plans. 

Expert Advice 

Planning a project, like a new kitchen or fireplace, can be a really enjoyable experience, provided you are getting the right kind of help and support. Real experts will know, instinctively, what will work best for you and they will be able to guide you through the planning and design process. This will give you the freedom to choose a material that both reflects your taste and compliments the rest of your design scheme. 


We’ve established that the granite business is a thriving one in the UK. There are suppliers the length and breadth of Great Britain, and when it comes to selecting the right one for you, should you stay closer to home? Ideally, yes, a local supplier will make life easier for you in the long run. It will keep transport costs and fitting costs to a minimum, but it is also likely that you will be able to visit a showroom and see the materials for yourself. Another benefit of choosing a supplier close to home is that you will be supporting a local business, and they will be on hand should you need support after the project has been completed. 


Even with the very best materials and the most qualified fitters, there are times when you need a bit of help from your granite suppliers after the job has been completed. Knowing that you can contact the company who carried out the work, and feeling safe in the knowledge that they will still be there to help, is a comforting feeling. Granite Unlimited will always be available for their customers, and there is even a guide on the website that details how to take care of your new surface. 

Trusted Granite Suppliers at Granite Unlimited 

Making the decision to use a granite surface or fireplace will need to be carefully considered. Not only will you want the finished product to look beautiful, you’ll want it to be practical and durable too. It will probably be one of the most expensive aspects of your kitchen, so take your time choosing the right one, and listen to advice from those in the know. 
If I were looking for granite suppliers near me, I’d want to make sure all the other boxes were ticked too. Location is important, but getting the best quality raw materials, and experienced fitters with a background in stonemasonry, will certainly get you off to a good start. Remember, look at some of their previous work if you can; visit a showroom to meet the team and view the granite, and then sit back and start planning your new kitchen. 
Contact the team at Granite Unlimited today to see how we can help you transform your home. 
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