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Raise your hands - who doesn't like a change of interior design once in a while? With our advice on creative uses of granite around the home, it’s easier than ever to renovate your personal space. 
Trends come and go as fast as the seasons change, meaning it can be difficult to keep pace with our favourite interiors magazine. One thing they all make clear; the need to keep a solid base. Cue the classics, those items we have in our home that provide stability year after year. Pieces that are timeless and work with the changing nature of our homes. 
With the ever-expanding choice of materials on offer, how do we make a choice that will stand the test of time? Well, with its durability and effortless style, granite is a clear winner for any decor. Let’s explore this further. 
Granite: A first Class Material 
Granite is a natural material produced from igneous rock. Formed by molten magma cooling and solidifying, it’s one of the hardest natural materials on earth. In fact, the only material harder than granite is diamond! Imagine those rocks as an interior design choice! 
For a deeper dive into the formation of granite, take a look at our previous article: Where is Granite Located and How is it Formed? 
As a first-choice material, we only need to look back in time to understand how valuable a material granite was: 
- The Ancient Egyptians lined pyramids with granite 
- Greek Civilisations used granite to create famous tombs. 
- The Romans had an affinity for using granite in bathhouses and pantheons. 
- Kings and wealthy people alike, appreciated the strength and beauty granite brings. 
In our modern culture, we're more likely to see granite tables than granite pillars in our homes. But the use of granite for its strength and durability remains the same. 
The Power of Granite in a Healthy Home 
Materials derived from the earth, such as granite, are a great choice for use in our homes. Naturally low in toxins and harmful chemicals, granite has both a low health and environmental impact. Combine that with being heat resistant, and it makes a great product to use in our kitchen and dining spaces. 
Granite tables have seen a recent rise in popularity, being easy to clean and resistant to scratching, cracking and chipping. 
Materials derived from the earth often have a unique beauty, which can enhance an area of your home. Consider the use of open granite shelving to bring a luxurious and natural feel to your kitchen. Topped with glassware, a granite shelf will bounce light, making your kitchen feel lighter and more spacious. 
We all know that nature has a calming and restorative effect on our health and wellbeing. But when life is busy, there isn’t always the option to have our daily dose of getting out in the natural world. Including natural materials, such as granite, in our homes can help to reduce stress and daily anxieties. 
Creative Low Cost Ways of Using Granite in Your Home 
When choosing key pieces for your home there are several considerations you’ll want to take. Aesthetics and functionality are important, but so is affordability. Quality items that will live up to the wear and tear of daily life, and transition seamlessly from day-to-day use to special events are important. If buying a granite table isn't within your reach, consider other uses of granite within your home. 
Here are some creative low-cost uses of granite for your home. 
- Kitchen Accessories. Look out for items such as cutting boards, pestle and mortar, serving trays and drinks coasters. These are often made from offcuts of larger projects and are a great use of granite remnants that would otherwise be wasted. Speak to us to see how we can produce a bespoke item to meet your budget. 
- Wall Art. As an organic material, each piece of granite is individual and uniquely reflects the natural patterns of its creation. Perfect for you to use as a decorative wall design - one that none of your friends will be able to replicate! 
- Candlesticks holders. Granite has great heat-resistant properties and is easy to keep clean making it a great choice for holding your favourite candles. 
Uses of Granite - Not Limited to Indoors 
Granite is a perfect material to use outdoors as well as in your home. 
Outdoor furniture choices in the UK are often linked to our temperate climate. Granite is a great choice for use outdoors, as it is resistant to frost, wind, direct sunlight and regular rainfall. And as a non-porous surface, polished granite doesn't stain and will stand up to heavy duty wear and tear. 
If you're considering updating your garden furniture, a granite table is a perfect option. Pair this with a granite parasol base and you're onto a winning combination! 
For outdoor use, it is important to consider the need to seal granite properly. Here’s our guide to the best care for granite, indoors or out: Granite Care & Maintenance - Colchester 
Home Decor With Granite Unlimited 
There are many benefits to using granite throughout your home. Whether indoors or out, a large project or small item, there are many ways to integrate this natural material into your home. 
If you feel inspired and would like to chat about how we can help you follow in pursuit of kings, by integrating granite into your home we’d love to talk. 
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