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Not sure how to clean Corian countertops? Or perhaps you’re thinking of purchasing some new countertops and want to know how difficult they are to maintain? If you’re not sure how to clean Corian worktops, the team at Granite Unlimited have got you covered. 
Cleaning Corian worktops isn’t hard at all! In this article, we’ll tell you our five top tips for Corian cleaning, including how and when to polish your countertop and why you shouldn’t place boiling objects directly onto it. 

Always Use a Microfibre Cloth and Household Cleaning Product 

This is how to clean Corian countertops properly: ensure you use a soft cloth or sponge to prevent scratches, and a household cleaning product free from harsh chemicals to prevent discolouration. You can also use warm, soapy water, but don’t use hot water as Corian is not heat-resistant. 

Instantly Wipe Spills to Prevent Stains 

Cleaning Corian worktops isn’t just a weekly task, but an urgent one when it comes to spillages. If you have the available tools, we recommend cleaning any spills and mess as soon as possible to prevent stains and cross-contamination. But why? 
Cleaning Corian countertops is still important despite being non-porous, meaning there are no cracks for bacteria to become trapped in. Stains still stick to the surface and can be difficult to remove. However, an ammonia-based cleaner with a microfibre cloth should clear all those tough stains away. 

Polish Your Corian Countertop Once a Month to Prevent Discolouration 

That’s right, Corian cleaning is not the only maintenance you need to undertake. We encourage you to buff your worktop at least once a month to stop the colour from fading. With prompt cleaning and monthly maintenance, your countertop can go on to last decades. 
Simply purchase a Corian-specific polish, or a low-chemical one, and use a microfibre cloth to spread it across your worktop. Within minutes, your countertop will be as bright as when you first bought it. With that, now you know how to clean Corian worktops! 

Don’t Prepare Food Directly on Your Corian Worktop to Prevent Scratches 

Unfortunately, cleaning Corian countertops does not include abrasion. Cutting on any countertop can lead to scratches, but most have a solution removing them. 
However, scratches are incredibly difficult to remove from Corian worktops—don’t cut directly on your countertop or use blunt knives. Instead, use a high-quality chopping board and your regular tools. 

Don’t Put Boiling Objects Directly on Your Corian Countertop to Prevent Cracks 

Knowing how to clean Corian worktops is not your only challenge. Placing hot objects and boiling water directly on top of your worktop can cause cracks and burn marks. Instead, opt for a heat protection pad or rack where your pots and pans can simmer before serving. 
While cleaning Corian worktops is simple, removing scratches is not. If you notice any abrasion, we recommend lightly sanding the area to remove small scratches or repairing the section with a replacement piece of Corian that blends into the original surface. 

Low-Maintenance Corian Countertops at Granite Unlimited 

As you can see, cleaning Corian isn’t so hard. We hope this article has given you a great understanding of how to clean Corian countertops. The next time you clean or polish them, we encourage you to refer back for continual support. 
Corian is the cheaper option of natural stone worktops, costing an average of £1,125. Cleaning Corian countertops is also much easier than other types of stone. 
If you have any questions about Corian cleaning or you’re in the market for some new Corian countertops, don’t hesitate to get in touch for expert advice. 
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