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Dark Grey Dekton Worktop in Kitchen
If you have ever considered, or are in the process of, changing your kitchen countertops, you will know the options are seemingly endless. In recent years, companies have gone to great lengths to create products that are like natural stone but stronger and more durable. These engineered stone countertops come in a variety of materials. Quartz has led the way for some time, but other companies are now emerging with products that give Quartz a run for its money. One of these products is Dekton. So, what is Dekton and, most importantly, what sets it apart from the competition? We explore this, and more, below. 

What Is Dekton? 

At this point, you may be pondering the above question. And this would be understandable. Dekton has only surfaced fairly recently, but is fast becoming a popular choice for those changing their kitchen countertops. As we mentioned, Dekton belongs to the engineered stone category of countertops. Spanish company Cosentino introduced their Dekton product in early 2013. Since then, the demand has seen a consistent gradual increase. 
So, what is Dekton? Dekton is crafted from the raw materials that are used to create Quartz work surfaces, as well as glass and porcelain. Dekton’s unique selling point, and what is drawing people to it, is how the product is made. Cosentino utilises a process they refer to as 'Sinterized Particle Technology'. The chief aim of Sinterized Particle Technology is simple. The manufacturers mimic the metamorphic process rock experiences when it comes in contact with high pressure and temperatures over thousands of years. This is a highly technical process with fantastic results. What is produced is a product that is strong, extremely durable, dense, and compact. 
White Dekton Worktop

Dekton Kitchen Countertops: Why You Should Make the Change 

Many people reading this blog may be in the process of changing their countertops. Alternatively, some people may have purchased a new home and are looking for materials for their brand new kitchen. Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, you may be wondering why, exactly, you should purchase Dekton kitchen countertops. We have listed below some of the standout features Dekton countertops boast. In summary though, they are a product that borders on indestructible. Extremely strong, and resistant to stains and heat, purchasing a Dekton worktop is a fantastic idea for individuals with kitchens that see substantial use. 
In any kitchen, you are likely to handle hot objects. Pans are used frequently whilst cooking and can reach astronomically hot temperatures. The problem with a lot of countertops is that they are not resistant to high temperatures. In the case of Granite and Quartz, for example, it is not advised that you put hot pans directly onto the countertop. Above a certain temperature, both of these materials are likely to experience damage/discoloration. This is where Dekton really shines. Dekton kitchen countertops are extremely tolerant to high temperatures. In fact, it is suggested they can be set alight without sustaining any damage. Hot pans, therefore, are no issue for your Dekton work surface. In a kitchen where you handle hot objects and liquids, this is extremely beneficial. 
Stain Resistance 
Let’s examine Granite worktops for a second. Although a stunning product, Granite work surfaces require maintenance. This is because Granite worktops are porous. This means they need to be sealed semi-regularly to ensure they are protected. If not sealed properly or regularly, Granite countertops are susceptible to staining. Oils, wines, and juices can stain a Granite work surface that has not been sealed correctly. Once this happens, they are extremely difficult to remove. 
In a space that houses so many liquids capable of staining, this can prove to be a nightmare. Dekton, on the other hand, is non-porous and will not stain. Even Dekton countertops in lighter colours are resistant to staining. Despite this, you will still need to clean any countertop after use, but we have an excellent guide for stain removal to help out. 
Grey Granite Worktop on Kitchen Island
Indoor and Outdoor Applications 
Dekton worktops award you a surprising amount of flexibility. Because of their superior strength, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. They can resist the elements, and most importantly, are UV-resistant. This means in the summer, when directly exposed to the sun, your Dekton surface will not experience discoloration. 
It is fairly obvious by now that a Dekton worktop is durable. We feel it is worth emphasising though. Your countertop needs to be durable, as it is exposed to so many objects and is used countless times. The extreme density of Dekton makes scratching or chipping your work surface extremely difficult. 
Large Slab Sizes 
Dekton countertops arrive in a large slabs. If the goal is to create a seamless-looking kitchen, this will help you immensely. This is because you are able to minimise the amount of joins needed. 

What Is Dekton: Maintaining and Cleaning Your Countertop 

As it is non-porous and extremely resistant to most things that will damage work surfaces, cleaning and maintaining your countertop is refreshingly easy. For the most part, Dekton will take care of itself. It does not require sealing, and cleaning can be as simple as applying a neutral ph soap with some water. As you can see, it is worth considering if you are looking for a low-maintenance product with longevity and durability. 
Gloss Grey Granite Worktop on Kitchen Island

Granite Unlimited: Supplier of Dekton Kitchen Countertops 

So, what is Dekton? Overall, Dekton is a remarkable product. Extremely tough and built to last, purchasing Dekton countertops won't leave you disappointed. Many would consider Dekton a specialist product. In light of that, it is often harder to come by. Thankfully, here at Granite Unlimited, we are a leading stockist of Dekton worktops. If you are based in or around Colchester, fill out our quick contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
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On 8th December 2022 at 22:31, Margaret wrote:
I am so pleased that I have chosen Dekton worktops for my new kitchen after reading your article. It is being fitted on Monday and I’m really looking forward to seeing it completed.
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