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Popular Modern Kitchen Design Features 

Kitchen design features are always evolving, with people continually searching for ways to create the most innovative and modern looking kitchen. If you are redesigning or building a kitchen, there is a lot of choice out there. With so many styles and different features to take inspiration from, it can be hard to know where to start. Today, the team at Granite Unlimited have compiled a comprehensive list of innovative and popular features. We hope our list of popular kitchen design features will provide you with the inspiration you need to transform your kitchen. 

Our List of Popular Modern Kitchen Design Features  If you are planning on renovating your kitchen, there are a wealth of looks and styles to take inspiration from. Deciding on a look or what features to include in your kitchen can be difficult with so much choice. Below we have listed some popular kitchen design features in contemporary kitchens.  

Laptop in Kitchen
It may not come as a surprise to some people that we are starting our list of kitchen design features by mentioning islands. Islands have been popular in contemporary kitchens for some years and they show no signs of decreasing in popularity. Perfect for a multifunctional kitchen, islands look fantastic and act as a space for food preparation, storage, and seating. Islands are more integrated into the kitchen space than a table and have very similar functionality. 
Granite Worktops 
Our list of popular kitchen design features would not be complete without mentioning granite worktops. The demand for stone countertops has skyrocketed in recent years. Not only are granite work surfaces durable and functional, but they look spectacular. However, they are porous and prone to staining, so ensure you utilise our Care and Maintenance page for cleaning tips. 
Innovative Storage 
Storage is high on our list of innovative kitchen features. Storage has been huge in recent years and looks to continue to grow. We are not referring to plain, old kitchen cabinets though. There has been a specific focus by kitchen designers to provide innovative storage solutions. Hidden storage has been extremely popular, and offers both functionality as well as a modern, streamlined design look. Modern kitchens are all for maximising functionality whilst not compromising on space. 
Office Spaces 
With a great number of us now working from home more often, people are looking to adapt their home to accommodate this shift. The inclusion of office spaces in the kitchen is increasing. Nothing says 'modern professional' better than a kitchen office space. If well placed, they look fantastic and provide a unique dynamic to the kitchen. 
Statement Sinks 
Statement sinks are a trend that continue to rise in popularity. Whether it is vintage reclaimed sinks or unusually large ones that fit sizeable pots and pans, people are looking to break from the norm. Sinks of the past have been functional, and have not, historically, contributed much to the aesthetic value of the kitchen. With more and more people searching for the most unique sink that makes a statement, boring functional sinks are a thing of the past. 
Glazed Tiles 
The introduction of glazed tiles is huge in contemporary kitchens. More and more people are opting for statement sink walls as well as areas above the cooker. Glazed tiles provide a lot of depth and texture, and look fantastic contrasted against more neutral looking features. If you are looking for innovative kitchen features to inject personality, using glazed tiles is certainly one way to achieve it. 
Home Bars 
People are deciding to entertain at home more often. In light of the COVID pandemic, people have found the value in staying home and the function of the home has somewhat evolved. The introduction of home bars has therefore risen significantly. A drinks cabinet is a fantastic feature in any kitchen. Combined with vintage bottles and trinkets, it can also make for a feature that really stands out. 
Use of Concrete 
Concrete is being used in all areas of the home more often. Bathrooms and kitchens especially have been subject to the introduction of concrete. If you are trying to create a modern, clean-looking kitchen, concrete can be a valuable asset. Whether it is a concrete floor, features or fixtures, the use of concrete is high on the list. 
Enamel Sink in a Traditional Kitchen

Innovative Kitchen Features by Granite Unlimited 

By reading this article, we hope you were given the inspiration needed to transform and revitalise your kitchen. As you have read in our list of popular kitchen design features, natural stone continues to rise in popularity. If you are based in Colchester or the surrounding areas, including Essex, Chelmsford, Southend, Cambridge, and Ipswich, we can help you modernise your kitchen with our range of stone countertops. For more information on our products and how we can help, get it touch today. 
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